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Witch, Please

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Comming Winter 2017

Information comming soon


Ghostlight Manor

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October 2015

Halloween-themed puzzle game created by the University of Washington Bothell’s Digital Future Lab and Game-Themed Research Group. Ghostlight places you and your trusty ghost-busting flashlight in a battle of wits against an army of ghosts, ghouls, fiends, and other creatures of the night. Can you scare away the monsters before they overwhelm you and claim the spooky mansion for their own?

Defense of Allende

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Retro themed Single player Android and Web Tower defense game Defense Of Allende uses traditional tower defense tactics with a unique retrieval mechanic, Off-Track enemies, and simple to play gameplay to deliver a short yet fun android experience.


Kill-A-Watt picture

Kill A Watt is a fast paced multiplayer networked game that pits two players against each other as they try to out strategize and out capture their opponent. Rather than a tower defense, it’s a tower attack. Developed in 3-months for the PC, Kill-a-watt is sure to shock you!



#NextGame picture

#Nextgame is a 3D Networked competitive multiplayer. The player navigates either a Space ship or tank in a randomly generated world complete with power ups and rouge enemies, to defeat your friends. #Nextgame was designed for the Oculus Rift, PC, WebGL, and Console. We plan to revisit this game in the very near future.



FarmVR picture

Focusing on Virtual reality and the Oculus rift we set out to create a fun and stimulating prototype of a single player farming simulator. Focus on the design revolves around Oculus Rift, WebGL, PC, and Console to bring a new kind of sandbox simulator to the market. We plan to revisit this game in the near future.