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Defense of Allende

Mobile Tower Defense Game

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Defense of Allende started out as a simple side project to practice game development and create a portfolio piece. As the project evolved and went through many, many design changes we fell in love with DOA. The second developer of DOA dropped out in the early developer and was replaced with the Nybble team to move this game from a side project to something we could ship onto the Mobile market.

Defense of Allende uses traditional tower defense tactics melded with a unique mechanic of "capture and return"

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Halloween styled Puzzle Game

ghostlight Pic

Choose your beam, take aim, and shine to reveal and scare away monsters in this ghoulishly clever strategic puzzle game! You'll need to pay close attention to which beams you use and which monsters you reveal to survive the trip to Ghostlight Manor.

In 2015, Nybble Produced and Distributed Ghostlight for the DFL and University of Washington. After a short run on the Apple and Google App Store Nybble and the DFL/UW decided to part ways. Ghostlight is now available on Steam.