Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Cards In A Dungeon?

CO-OP Card Game

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Is It Wrong To Pick Up Cards In A Dungeon is a new RPG styles CO-OP Card game. The gameplay is styled after the classic turn-based combat of Final Fantasy with a CO-OP twist! Play with 2-3 of your friends Gain Loot, Level up and conquer the monster infested dungeons!!

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Play as 1 of 12 Heroes including:


Having lived through countless centuries on the life force of others, the Vampire is a nearly indomitable opponent who gets stronger with every kill.


Unwavering in faith and stature, the Paladin takes immense pride in cleansing both body and land of the wretched which roam within.

Wyvern Cadet

With the tactical abilities of the best generals, and the guts to tame the most ferocious of beasts, the Wyvern Cadet can dismember and disorient even the most stubborn line of enemies.


Having to fend for themselves as long as memory serves, the Hunter will stalk any foe if the coin is heavy enough, or their belly is empty enough.


Prodigal offspring of world-famous clairvoyants, the Psychic's piercing telepathy and unbending willpower can manipulate the actions of their foes.

Rune Knight

Traveling from the frozen north, the Rune Knight is well versed in both warfare and ancient rune magic, which are combined to further enhance combat effectiveness.


Born in a dense alder grove untouched by modern man, the Druid has become one with nature. They are as much a hindrance to their enemies as they are an aid to their allies.


Outcast from society for practicing their craft, the Witch has perfected their nefarious spells and concoctions in secrecy.


Fortified in the brutal wastelands, Berserker sees only the blood of their enemies.


Obsessed with decay, the Necromancer has embraced the macabre and learned to turn death itself into a sinister weapon.


Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Electromagnetism. The Elementalist thrives in the delicate balance of physical forces that make up reality.


Honed in the forest canopy, the Archer has unsurpassed dexterity and eyesight, allowing inhuman aim and target identification.

rpg card pic

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