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Alien Farm (Ludum Dare #41 COMPO)

Theme: Clashing Genre

AlienFarm Pic

Your Name is TEBARKNF (The ‘NF’ Is Silent), A Good Old Fashion Family Name With Hardy Roots! You Are A Hard Working Farmin’ Alien. To Protect Your Dying Race You Set Out To Cultivate and Harvest Flower Farms For Your People..

[Play itch.io] - [Ludum Dare 38]

Moon-Eat-Moon (Ludum Dare #38 JAM)

Small Planet, Big Adventure

mooneatmoon Pic

1 Moon, 4-Levels, and 60 Worlds. Can you survive?

A collection and growth game developed within 48 hours for Ludum Dare #38. Play as Moon, the lovable Circle. Grow Moon by collecting smaller worlds while avoiding Large Worlds, Comets, and Asteroids.

[Play itch.io] - [Play ANDROID BETA] - [Ludum Dare 38]

Village People (Ludum Dare #35 COMPO)

Theme: Shapeshift

Villagepeople Pic

Village People!

You are the Shaman of a town and you must protect your people from the Evil shape shifting pygmy goats from your sanctuary!

[Ludum Dare 35]