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Witch, Please

Competitive Local Multiplayer. with witches

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A new competitive top down shooter by Nybble Studios.

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Tend to your farm in VR

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Focusing on Virtual reality and the Oculus rift we set out to create a fun and stimulating prototype of a single player farming simulator. Focus on the design revolves around Oculus Rift, WebGL, PC, and Console to bring a new kind of sandbox simulator to the market. We plan to revisit this game in the near future.

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3D Battle

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#Nextgame is a 3D Networked competitive multiplayer. The player navigates either a Space ship or tank in a randomly generated world complete with power ups and rouge enemies, to defeat your friends. #Nextgame was designed for the Oculus Rift, PC, WebGL, and Console. We plan to revisit this game in the very near future.


Networked Competitive RTS

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Kill A Watt is a fast paced multiplayer networked game that pits two players against each other as they try to out strategize and out capture their opponent. Rather than a tower defense, it's a tower attack. Developed in 3-months for the PC, Kill-a-watt is sure to shock you!